Houses with Solar Panel Installed by GenRenew

What are the Benefits of Leasing Solar Panels?

Leasing sounds scary to a lot of homeowners because of potential rumored financial offsets, a large down payment, and the costs of permitting / zoning. However, there are a lot of common misconceptions about leasing solar panels.

Here are some of the excellent immediate benefits you will immediately receive with leasing! And, hopefully, clear up some bad rumors about leasing.

Leasing a Sunpower Solar System for Little or No Money Down

SunPower offers the best solar panels with up to a 22% efficiency rate for over ten years. Panels by SunPower are tested to withstand up to 140MPH winds and maintain power in cold or wet conditions.

Anyone with a credit score above 650+ can get a solar system for little to no money down. Rumors about solar being expensive is a problem of the past. Solar prices have dropped over 99% since 1970. Leave your wallet upstairs when you make your decision in going solar.

Immediate Savings and Peace of Mind

Homeowners see immediate savings on their utility bills. Maximize your electricity generated from renewable energy resources so you can see a quick drop in your current electric bill.

When leasing your solar installation, you receive a constant, guaranteed invoice monthly that does not fluctuate with the season like traditional electricity. Stop worrying about paying an extra $400+ a month for running a necessity like air conditioning in summer, you will be saving anywhere from 5%-35% immediately.  

Permitting and Installation is Covered

GenRenew will do all the footwork for you when it comes to permitting, zoning, and installation inspection. After signing up, we will contact your local municipality for essential permitting and zoning.

We will install and inspect your solar install for you without an extra cost after permitting is complete. All you have to do is sit back and relax. Enjoy the fact you helped the environment and your pocketbook with little hassle

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

SunPower offers a bumper to bumper industry-leading warranty so you have no worries.  They directly service all their panels through the warranty. Do not worry about the runaround and calling six different departments for an easy fix. 

solar lease

‚ÄčIf your array does not produce what we promised, we got you covered.  SunPower guarantees its production with a yearly audit and refund if production is not met. 

Leasing Isn’t So Bad!

Our mission at GenRenew is to ensure you have the best experience possible with people who love what they do. SunPower offers competitive rates for each unique homeowner.  We think the leasing option is great for many homeowners, but ownership opportunities are available as well!

Hopefully, any misconceptions about leasing solar have been cleared up for you! If you have any questions, please contact us so we can assign you a personal solar consultant to answer any questions specific to your home.