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Business Channel Partner Sales

At GenRenew, we are constantly developing innovative ways to partner with other businesses. The goal is to help our partners increase their streams of revenue and solidify relationships through a simple and hassle-free platform. With that in mind, we are currently looking for channel partners that are interested in marketing and selling our products, services, and solar energy technologies.

When you get into a co-branding relationship with GenRenew, you can continue operating as your own business. Our company will do all of the back-end work and provide sales support for your team. Simply make the sale and leave the rest up to us!

About Our Channel Partner Sales Program

Today, more individuals and business owners are realizing the importance and benefits that come with going solar. At GenRenew, we are actively seeking new business channel partners to help us enhance the accessibility and availability of solar energy across the United States. Our company will provide all of the products you may need for building and running your independent business in an exclusive designated territory.

The channel partner sales program is designed to increase GenRenew’s reach; marketing our solar energy products and services to more customers while providing a fair income for our channel partners. Our team strongly believes that our channel partners should receive all sales revenue that they have earned as a result of their efforts.

Who Can Benefit from Our Channel Partner Sales Program?

GenRenew’s business channel partner sales program is perfect for companies, wholesalers, and interested entrepreneurs. Our company encourages and supports such entities to become channel partners of our solar energy systems.

What GenRenew Offers for Our Channel Partner Sales Program

Clients that become a GenRenew business channel partner will receive complete sales support from us. Our team conducts sales meetings and training sessions on a regular basis; ensuring that your staff members receive the necessary knowledge and skills to become a successful leader in this industry. In addition to gaining a competitive advantage, your sales representatives will also become more confident at delivering the message of value and quality. You will be able to answer any questions raised by your customers with ease!

That’s not all. You don’t have to print your own marketing materials. That’s a job best left to GenRenew. Our company supplies high-quality sales materials pertaining to public relations, print advertising, brochures, and more.

Sign Up for GenRenew's Channel Partner Sales Program Today

Considering becoming a GenRenew channel partner? You can enjoy complete peace of mind that our company is licensed, bonded, insured, and certified. Since our inception, we have an unwavering commitment to providing industry-leading customer experiences for all of our clients and partners. Our company believes in partnering with businesses who share our vision; a customer-centric philosophy.

When you work with us, you will get all of the resources necessary to thrive in the marketplace. We have developed a robust platform of services and tools designed to support the current and long-term growth of our channel partners.

For more information on our Channel Partner Sales program, feel free to schedule a consultation with GenRenew. Simply call (732) 835-4272 or book an appointment online today.