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Home Builders Sales

Since our inception, GenRenew has been the leading choice of a wide range of home builders in the United States. Our company offers cutting-edge solar energy solutions designed to help drive home builder value. GenRenew’s products have been successfully installed in thousands of homes. If you plan to provide value-added services for your clients and distinguish your business from other competition, you can consider joining our home builders sales program.

About Our Home Builders Sales Program

Today, solar has become an integral part of the new home construction industry. Whether your company is offering solar energy systems as an optional upgrade or a standard feature, we have got your back. Our home builders sales program is designed to help you build homes while saving both energy and money. When you leverage our experience of working with home builders, GenRenew’s world-class solar products can help you deliver unparalleled solar solutions to your customers; meeting your renewable energy commitments with greater ease.

Who Can Benefit from Our Home Builders Sales Program?

The real estate market in the United States is a highly competitive one. This can pose significant challenges for home builders. It is imperative that one leverages solutions that ensure their properties possess the “X” factor and appeal to buyers. GenRenew is looking for home builder-partners that are interested in offering cutting-edge solar power energy systems on new builds.

Our home builders sales program is ideal for custom home builders who are targeting new communities that are ready to go solar or are looking to add clean renewable energy as an option for their clients. You can enjoy complete peace of mind that GenRenew’s programs are designed for both during and post-construction.

What GenRenew Offers for Our Home Builders Sales Program

There are many reasons to opt for GenRenew’s home builders sales programs. We offer flexible and collaborative marketing programs that highlight the value of solar throughout the purchasing process. Our team also provides comprehensive sales training for our home builder-partners via web-based and instructor-led methods. This way, you and your sales team can communicate the benefits of owning a GenRenew system during the home buying process with exceptional ease.

Most importantly, your success is our business. We continually strive to offer solar energy systems that feature superior aesthetics and performance. Our solar panels offer unmatched reliability and can achieve the highest possible level of energy production. At the end of the day, one needs to walk the talk.

Sign Up for GenRenew's Home Builders Sales Program Today

With solar power’s rising popularity, building solar-capable homes is a huge pulling factor for home buyers who are environmentally conscious. With GenRenew’s home builders sales programs, builders no longer need to deal with the hassle of extra expenses. Once the solar panels are added to the new construction homes, they will be paid for by the homebuyers. Since our inception, GenRenew has partnered with a wide range of home builders in New Jersey and beyond; creating tailored sales programs that support massive customer savings and renewable energy.

For more information on our Home Builders Sales program, feel free to schedule a consultation with GenRenew. Simply call (732) 835-4272 or book an appointment online today.