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Non-Profit Program

An increasing number of modern properties are featuring rooftop solar panels. This trend does not only apply to residential homeowners who are installing solar panels to lower their electricity bills. Commercial businesses are also installing solar on-site to offset overhead costs and do their part to promote corporate social responsibility.

Today, non-profit organizations are also exploring solar options. At GenRenew, we realized that certain non-profits find it difficult to finance solar power projects. With our non-profit program, this is no longer an issue.

About Our Non-Profit Program

Non-profits can unlock a wide range of benefits by installing solar panel systems. The technology can help them decrease the cost of operations, so that they have more funds to devote to their mission. On average, a solar energy system can help generate thousands of dollars in savings. The amount of savings solar panel systems can generate, however, still depend on various factors such as current electricity rates, geographic location, size of the system, and more.

By signing up for our non-profit program, your organization can enjoy day-to-day financial benefits and protect itself from volatile electricity rates. By leveraging the fixed low electricity price that solar offers, one can also project operating costs into future years with greater accuracy.

Who Can Benefit from Our Non-Profit Program?

Below is a quick look at various types of organizations that can benefit from joining our non-profit program:

  • Churches
  • Synagogues
  • Temples
  • Mosques
  • Medical Services & Treatment Centers
  • Medical Research Charities
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Private Elementary, Junior High, and High Schools
  • Museums & Art Galleries
  • Libraries & Historical Societies
  • Public Broadcasting and Media
  • Zoos and Aquariums
  • Parks and Nature Centers
  • … and more!

What GenRenew Offers for Our Non-Profit Program

At GenRenew, we offer third-party ownership programs for non-profits. This means that our company owns and operates the solar system on your organization’s behalf. You only pay for the monthly electricity that’s produced by the solar energy system. If your organization does not have the upfront cash or financing abilities to purchase systems outright, this is an ideal option for you.

Alternatively, you can consider our direct ownership programs. This option involves non-profits purchasing the system for its property and will be the owner of all of the system’s electrical output. Direct ownership of a solar energy solution only makes sense for non-profits if they have access to state grants and incentives; offer cash up front and cover the cost of the project.

Sign Up for GenRenew's Non-Profit Program Today

At GenRenew, our non-profit programs are making it more affordable, easier, and faster for both small and large non-profit organizations to go solar. Our non-profit program representatives will help you leverage bulk purchasing power to secure the most competitive installation rates in the local area. You can enjoy complete peace of mind that GenRenew is a reputable and licensed provider of solar energy products and services. We are NABCEP certified and have received A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau.

For more information on our Non-Profit Program, feel free to schedule a consultation with GenRenew. Simply call (732) 835-4272 or book an appointment online today.