Houses with Solar Panel Installed by GenRenew


Checking Home For Suitabillity

Before deciding to go solar, it is essential to check if your home is fit for it. There are certain requirements to meet in order to be sure that your home is suitable to have solar panels installed.

Roof Orientation
The location of the solar panel affects how much electricity is generated from the amount of solar radiation it receives. You will not get the maximum amount of power if your roof does not get adequate sunlight during the day. The angle to which the panels should be set is important to maximize energy gains.

Roof Condition 
A solar panel installation can be heavy at about 3-5 pounds per square foot or roughly 500 kilograms for the whole panel. Your roof should be able to carry such weight for as long as the panels are up there. If you think your roof cannot withstand that much weight, then solar roofing may be installed which should be added to the installation costs.

Roof Shading
Another factor is the amount of shade your roof gets from trees, chimneys, other buildings, and electrical cables. The sun’s path changes along with the seasons and too much shade on the solar panels will lessen its generation of power.

Electric Consumption
Figure out if your energy needs per month will cost at least $100. This makes a lot of financial sense because it will make you save money to go solar rather than pay that amount for expensive electricity every month. You will most likely be able to pay up for the installation costs for less than 5 years and enjoy low-cost electricity from then on.

Are you financially restricted to install your own solar power system? Then you may need to consider finding a company that offers solar leases for homeowners. The contract usually lasts for 20 years and it will entitle you to enjoy the benefits of having solar energy for your home for a fraction of what it will cost when you pay for higher electricity rates.

Notice that most of the concerns about having solar panel installation for your home are focused on the roof. It is apparent that you need to have a strong roof to put up with the weight of the panels. A solar professional will take into consideration your roof’s overall condition before giving a quote.
If you are still unsure if your home is suitable for solar panel installation, booking an appointment with an experienced energy service provider is a great way to ensure that your home meets the standard requirements. It will be a waste of time and resources to install solar panels that will only damage your home. A professional can easily determine what factors to consider and if there are things needed to be done first like changing the roof or something.
Aside from helping the environment by using eco-friendly energy, you are also after saving money, right? It will only make sense to go solar when your home is ready for it because it will help you get the maximum returns in the end.