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Common Solar Panel Issue

Switching to solar energy comes with a truckload of benefits. No wonder more and more people are taking the solar energy route. If properly sourced and installed, solar panels can give you years of trouble-free service. However solar panel systems are not completely devoid of some problems. Understanding the nature of these problems will arm you with knowledge about what to do if they occur. Solar panel system issues are usually manifested by the system’s inability to generate enough power. Here then are some of the common issues that solar energy users might face.

Heat Fade
This occurs when your solar panel system overheats because from intense sunlight. When this happens, energy production dips noticeably. The easiest way to diagnose this problem is to check solar energy productions at different times of the day. If your energy production dips when the sun is at its brightest, you might have a heat fade problem. The solution to this is to check your wiring for any faults. If no faults are found in the wiring, it means that the wire might be too small and needs to be replaced with the heavier gauge to support spikes in energy production.

Test Panels
This is a simple test to check how efficiently your panels are converting sunlight to energy. Users who notice a dip in energy production from their solar systems will typically do this as part of diagnostics process to isolate the problem. It is fairly simple. Place a broad object such as a jacket or hat on top of the panel so as to cover it from sunlight. Check for any dips in energy production from the covered panel. If the energy produced by the covered panel dips when covered, then that panel is fine. If the covered panel shows no dips in energy production, arrange to have that panel changed as it is probably damaged.

Wiring Might Be The Culprit
If you perform the shading test and all your panels are fine, the next place to look at is the wiring. Test all connections for corrosion and oxidation. If any is found, replace the affected parts with new parts. Check the wiring for any loose connections and tighten any that you find. In this process, a wiring diagram will be useful in helping you check the wiring. Remember that if you are not familiar with electrical wiring, it might be prudent to let an expert carry out this and similar tasks.

Burnt Terminals
Terminals can be affected by oxidation leading to the system generating less energy than it should. As you would in a car battery, check all terminals for oxidation and if found, consider replacing the metal parts in the terminal. Another common problem is a burnt terminal caused by loading too many panels on to one terminal. If you suspect that is the problem, it might help to add a new terminal as you replace the burnt one so as to reduce the load on any one terminal.

These are simple tests that you can carry out to keep your solar system working in tip-top shape. Remember that the installation and maintenance of your solar panels determines how well the system will serve you over time. This is why you must ensure that your system is installed and maintained by a qualified and experienced solar energy provider. GenRenew have been helping home and business owners tap into the inexhaustible power of the sun for years. Give us a call today at 732-835-4272 and we shall bring our expertise and experience into helping you repair your solar system and keep it in the best shape.