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DIY Home Solar

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is a growing trend among home owners in America. While there are many benefits to DIY, solar installations are an exception. While many home owners may be tempted to undertake solar installation in their homes by themselves. Here are some of the reason why this is not a good idea.

Pre-assessment Research
As solar contractors know, one of the most critical points in home solar installation is the research that is done before solar panels are actually installed on a roof. Solar contractors will normally spend some bit of time carefully analyzing the power set up in a home and understanding how the solar energy will be connected to the system. While most contractors have the experience and training to do this, typical homeowners may not and this might lead to significant problems with the system down the road.
Panel Size And Angling
Closely related to this is the choice of solar panel and how to angle it. The size of the solar panel that is used, how it is angled, where it is place on the roof and what works best in that particular climate are all critical questions that must be answered before the system is installed. Getting this wrong might mean low energy production that might then not lead to the monetary savings that the home owner was hoping to get. Experienced solar energy contractors have the experience and training to correctly figure all these factors out and therefore are more likely to do a better job of it than a DIY set up.
Electrical Problems Might Arise
It is easy to forget that when we talk about home solar installations, we are actually taking of wiring up your home so that solar energy can act as an alternative power source in your home. The dangers of getting this wrong are obvious. If you get the high voltage wiring wrong, it could have serious consequences on lives and property in your home. For starters, wrong connections might lead to fires, damage to appliances and many others electrical related problems. Solar energy contractors are trained to do these kinds of high voltage electrical wiring and therefore are far less likely to make mistakes that could lead to such dire consequences. 
Getting Permits
A home owner looking to have home solar installation done in his or her home usually needs to apply for various licenses and other regulatory obligations. Professional solar energy contractors are usually familiar with all the regulatory requirements in various areas and thus are able to ensure that the work that they do is in compliance with the law. A homeowner trying to set up his or her own solar energy system might not fully understand the regulatory environment, something that might lead to the homeowner being fined for non-compliances.
Tax Incentives
Solar energy contractors are often able to get benefits and rebates from city and state authorities, which are then passed on to the homeowner as discounts on the total cost of the installation. These incentives are usually designed to encourage more homeowners to install solar energy in their homes. DIY solar installations might not qualify for these incentives. Professional solar energy contractors are also able to give you many other options that can reduce the cost of your solar energy installation.
When it comes to solar energy installations, there are numerous benefits to working with a professional solar energy contractor. This is the reason why many homeowners in New Jersey and surrounding areas come to GenRenew for solar installations. We have been in the business for many years and we are able to get your solar energy system up and running in no time.