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Increasing Agricultural

The magnitude of the sun’s energy is infinite; this is why it is such a great idea to combine farming and solar energy. Did you know that there are several ways where solar energy can be used to improve the agriculture industry and increase productivity? Here are several applications where the sun’s energy is harnessed to become useful in the farming industry.

Data Gathering Using Solar Powered Sensors
One of the crucial parts of agriculture is putting up sensors to gather important data. These sensors will give information in order to help achieve optimal crop growth. Although wireless sensors can be used, it is too time consuming to maintain and replacing the batteries alone can waste a lot of man hours.
From monitoring soil moisture, determining precipitation, and measuring sunlight, solar powered sensors, on the other hand, are cost- effective and are easier to operate and maintain.

Greenhouse Heating
With traditional greenhouses, gas or oil heaters are put up to maintain constant temperatures. This choice of energy emits greenhouse gases that are harmful to the environment. That is enough reason to lean unto a greener option which is solar power. It works just like a residential solar installation but instead of supplying electricity for appliances, solar energy is collected and stored using a reliable battery backup system to make it possible for greenhouses to retain heat even during sunless days and at nighttime.

Solar Powered Machineries
Most agricultural machines, including vehicles, are powered by diesel. Aside from contributing to the global problem on air pollution, diesel spills and emissions are also detrimental to the health. Electric vehicles that use renewable solar energy are the best solution. Soon, a lot of farming machineries will make use of solar energy as more farmers are getting interested with solar farming.

Solar Irrigation
One of the best applications of solar energy installations are solar irrigation systems. It is becoming more popular because apart from the fact that it is cost- effective, it requires very little maintenance and is quite reliable too. Plus, during the hot season when plants need water the most, these solar-powered water pumping and irrigation systems work their hardest ensuring that water supplies do not run low.

Solar Fencing                   
In terms of livestock farming, solar fencing can be a huge advantage since it is effective, and dependable. The materials needed to make a sun-powered fence are affordable can be installed easily. Not only is this kind of fence effective for livestock.  With the addition of solar-powered surveillance systems, it can also serve as a security border for agricultural lands in order to reserve manpower on more important labor.
Renewable energy is not new among the agriculture community. In fact, many farmers use wind and biomass energy to create electricity that can be used on their farms. The use of solar power is another clever option that will give sustainable energy and at the same time make agricultural production more efficient.

With its practicality, no one will dare ask why the use of solar energy continues to grow globally today. Although most people think that solar energy is limited to providing low-cost energy, these applications prove that the possibilities of this technology are endless.