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Is your utilities bill excessively high lately? The good news is that residents of Somerset County can embrace solar energy solutions to cut costs and go green. At GenRenew, we provide personalized solar energy solutions for both commercial and residential property owners. If you are considering tapping into solar energy, we will first carry out a survey on your property and provide a detailed, no-obligation quotation. All installations are done with care, professionalism. In addition, the materials we use are covered by warranties.

About Somerset County, New Jersey

Somerset is the 13th most populous county in New Jersey and has an estimated population of 331,164 residents. The county covers a total area of 304.86 square miles and enjoys temperatures as high as 85 °F (29 °C) in July. Somerset is one of the fast growing counties in New Jersey and attracts a large number of investors annually.

Residential Solar Energy Solutions in Somerset County, NJ

Somerset County residents who install solar panel systems often get to enjoy rebates, tax breaks, and other financial incentives. If you are looking for ways to reduce your monthly electricity bill, GenRenew can provide you with residential solar energy solutions at reasonable prices. We also offer multiple financing options for solar panel installations. All you have to do is speak to one of our qualified reps to find out more.

Commercial Solar Energy Solutions in Somerset County, NJ

It is common for every business owner to want to reduce his or her overheads and increase profits. Research has shown that business owners typically pay more than $1,900 in monthly electricity bills, which is way too much. At GenRenew, we help commercial property owners in Somerset County by installing solar panel systems that help reduce their monthly electricity bills by approximately 75%.

Switching to Solar Power in Somerset County, NJ is Easy!

  • Step One: Customer screening process

We conduct a quick screening process to help us determine which solar panel system will meet our client’s needs. The screening process also helps us to check the client’s eligibility for state, federal, and/or utility incentives.

  • Step Two: Initial consultation

At GenRenew, we schedule an initial consultation with our customers to understand their solar energy needs and concerns.

  • Step Three: Site assessments

Before we undertake any project, our engineers have to perform a quick on-site assessment to determine the structural integrity of their property and more.

  • Step Four: Solar panel system installation

Once a customer gives us a go ahead to install a solar panel system on their property, our dedicated crew works tirelessly to get the job done perfectly.

Why Choose GenRenew for Residential and Commercial Solar Energy Solutions in Somerset County, NJ?

At GenRenew, we are a leading solar energy solutions provider in Somerset County that supplies and installs solar energy and battery storage systems. We have decades of experience in the solar energy industry and have installed thousands of systems across New Jersey for both commercial and residential properties. All of our engineers are highly trained and will deliver high quality solar energy services.

For more inquiries about getting solar energy solutions in Somerset County, New Jersey, do not hesitate to contact GenRenew today! Simply call 888-74 Solar or schedule a FREE consultation with our experts.