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Top Tips for Proper Maintenance

​Solar panels have changed the way we look at our electric bills. If in the past, you have been bombarded by the cost that comes with your use of electricity, now, you no longer have to worry about that as long as you have your solar panels in place. In order for these systems to remain reliable, you also need to perform solar panel maintenance from time to time. Consider the following tips to help you as well in prolonging the lifespan of such systems.

Regularly Rinse The Panels
You must do this to get rid of dust and pollen from the panels. The best time to do this is during summer when the solar panels are very productive. Do not wait for the rainstorm to wash off dirt, animal droppings, tree pollen, or grime from the panels. Simply use a garden hose. You do not even need to reach the panels using a ladder. Make sure that you use demineralized water when cleaning the solar panels.

Remove Leaves from It
When autumn comes, expect that leaves and other debris may fall into your panels as well. When this is the case, you need to get a ladder, a sturdy rope, and a harness to help you clean your panels. In case you do not have safety equipment on hand, book an appointment with your solar panel installers and they will be more than willing to come and help you carry on the task. That way, you can be sure that the panel warranty has been checked too before the task will be done.

Snow and Ice Must Also Be Removed During Winter
If you are living in an area where chances of snowfall is high, you must expect that there is some degree of difficulty when removing snow and ice from your solar panels. Snow can just melt off if the sun is up a day or two after a gush of snow goes onto the ground. If the sun does not show up, then you need to get your long broom ready (or a snow rake if you have one) to clear the panels from ice and snow.

An Annual Inspection will be Necessary During Spring
Solar panel installers will often come by during the spring to check your solar panels. This is when they perform preventive maintenance on the entire system. Allow them to inspect the panels and diagnose any issues that may be present. From there, they can address the problem right away. A thorough check for roof drainage issues as well as water damage on the roof will be necessary during inspection. It will also be a great time to check for loose wiring, corrosion, animal infestation, and vegetation growth.

Caring for the Solar Panel Electrical Components
These electrical components, particularly the wiring tying on your solar panels, are expected to work for the entire life of your system. A certified installer will be your partner in avoiding any electrical-related issues and in seeing to it that you enjoy your panels without any hassles. They can check on such components and determine what may be causing faults in the system operations.