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When is it right to go Solar?

The time has never been better to go solar in NJ and most other locations. Lower install and product costs coupled with incentives that continue to get cut as time goes on now is the time. Below are the top 5 reasons to go solar now. 

1. State & Federal Incentives are going away in the next few years

NJ has just rolled out the SREC II program. 10 years ago the SREC program was worth over $500, now, the SREC II is only worth $90. That, coupled with the fact that the Federal ITC is now 22% and going down to 10% in the next couple of years. Now is the time before the incentives start to dwindle further. There are homeowners that went solar 10-15 years ago that had incentives pay for 75% of their system at that time that will tell you waiting will only cost more. 

2. Cut or even eliminate your electric bills

Going solar saves money, plain and simple. Most homeowners can cut their annual electrical bill costs by 50% and even eliminate them all together under the right scenarios. 

3. Costs for Solar have never been lower

Over the last 10 years, the cost of solar modules and installation has dropped dramatically compared to any other energy market. Meanwhile, the technology has kind of stalled in development where we have not seen any big increases in efficiencies in recent years. 

4. Financing tools are extremely flexible

There are so many financing options now that give EVERY homeowner an opportunity to go solar. They also give homeowners the ability to add improvements like roofs, batteries, and backup generators. 

5. Help save the environment

Whether or not you believe in climate change, one thing is for sure, solar helps the environment by using the beautiful renewable resource that rises every morning. By replacing your utility’s source of electricity Natural gas or coal power plants, you will be offsetting those carbon producers by tons!

The time has never been better, and with so many options, we have a bunch of knowledgeable folks here at GenRenew that would be happy to talk through if solar would be right for you. 

Thinking of going Solar?

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