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Refer and Earn With Us!

Want to earn $500 cash? You can enjoy complete peace of mind that this business opportunity is coming from a trusted source. At GenRenew, we are rewarding individuals who are willing to share their love of renewable solar energy with their family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. So, for every person that you refer to us; and he or she goes solar with GenRenew, you will receive 500 cash! Our referrals program is easy and the sky’s the limit when it comes to the number of referrals one can make.

How Do Our Referrals Programs Work?

When you send in a referral and the referral’s solar panel project gets completed, you will earn $500 in cash. In other words, you get paid if the referral completes an installation and/or an appointment with GenRenew. Below is a quick look at the basic procedure of our referrals program:

  • GenRenew receives a referral from you
  • Our call center reaches out to your contact
  • An appointment date is set
  • A highly-trained GenRenew solar representative will be assigned to your contact and discuss options for going solar
  • An installation date is set when the referral gives us the green light
  • You simply sit back, relax and wait for your referral check – upon project completion

What Are the Benefits of Going Solar?

There is a wide range of reasons for building owners and homeowners to go solar. Reducing overall energy costs and improving the environment are the most common. Below are more reasons why one should consider installing solar panels:

  • Earn a greater ROI

Solar panels are no longer an expense; they are one of the best ways to invest. They offer returns that rival those of more traditional investments like bonds and stocks. Why? Thanks to the substantial electricity bill savings that solar energy solutions offer. If one pays off his or her solar panel system in seven or eight years, he or she may see a return on investment of 20 percent and beyond.

  • Increase value of property

Properties that feature solar energy systems tend to sell more quickly than non-solar homes. Today’s appraisers are taking solar installations into serious consideration whenever they value a home. As the demand for properties to be equipped with solar panel systems continues to grow, property owners are encouraged to become more educated about solar.

  • Future-proofing

You might have the first-hand experience with volatile energy prices. By installing solar panel solutions for your property, one can effectively hedge utility prices. See this: the annual rate of increase in residential electricity prices is approximately three percent. With the aid of modern solar energy systems, one can fix that rate and mitigate unpredictable increases in electricity costs. If one happens to be a homeowner or business owner with fluctuating cash flow, going solar can help you better manage and forecast your expenses.

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At GenRenew, we are a licensed, bonded, insured, and certified company that genuinely cares about the environment and our clients. Our company continually strives to provide next-generation solar energy products and services for our customers; at the most competitive rates. Purchase solar panels today from our professionals and become a part of our fantastic and hassle-free solar referrals program!

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