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Learn how you could start saving money from day one with fully funded programs. That’s right, pay $0 to switch to clean renewable energy. $0 Down, $0 Out of Pocket.

SunPower Master Dealer Difference

SunPower handpicks solar installers that have gold level quality, industry-leading knowledge, and integrity. SunPower by GenRenew is one of thirty master dealers in all of the United States.

Homeowners can rely on SunPower By GenRenew to handle all aspects of their solar installation. SunPower panels are manufactured and warrantied by a global company that has been around for over 30 years.


Why SunPower?

Unlike our competitors, SunPower By GenRenew designs and installs each home solar array that is manufactured by SunPower. Feel amazing knowing that you have chosen the most efficient and reliable solar installation backed by a 25-year complete warranty.


more energy

for greater savings


in durability

for peace of mind

25 Year


complete system warranty

SunPower Home Solar

Get a complete SunPower home solar installation designed and engineered to produce the ideal combination of power, style, and reliability. Every component of the install is constructed to work together seamlessly from install to permission to operate.

Panels from SunPower are 60% more energy-efficient than other competitors. Over 25 years, SunPower guarantees your panels will remain 91% efficient in power production. Make a switch to solar to take control of your utility bill and go carbon neutral.

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Benefits of SunPower Panels

Built to Last

Maxeon® solar cells are designed to turn sunlight into the best amount of energy because of the panel's copper-backed foundation. SunPower panel's increased cell strength allows the panels to resist corrosion and produce more electricity over time.

Minimalist Design

Conventional solar racking can be visible from the ground, but SunPower racking is designed to be completely hidden. Compliment the architecture of your roof with sleek panels that halo from above your home.

Unrivaled Performance

Get a record-breaking 22% efficiency rate per panel with SunPower. For the first 17 years after install, they will produce the same amount of energy as a conventional panel would for 25 years. More power from the sun means fewer panels on the roof of your home!

Concealed Genius

Ugly external inverters are a figment of the past! Behind each panel is SunPower's microinverter technology that optimizes each panel for the best power conversion at the source. Keep the bulky inverter in the 90's!

25 Year Complete System Warranty

After install, SunPower will cover your entire solar installation with an industry-leading 25-Year Complete Confidence Warranty. Get peace of mind knowing SunPower will pay 100% of any claim that arises, including labor and parts. Your system is guaranteed by SunPower to not lose no more than 8% of the original DC power output in 25 years. Compare that to 19% for conventional solar!

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Solar Plans Available to You

Take control of your overpriced power bill and stop paying increasing costs from your utility provider. We designed three unique plans to meet your needs. Choose one, book a free consultation, and we will do the rest. Trust us; you can go solar.


Pay nothing and keep your wallet closed. Get instant savings on your utility bill. We like to call this option,"free for you."

  • No up front equipment cost, leave your wallet in your pocket.
  • Get low consistent monthly payments for your solar install for guaranteed solar production.
  • 25-Year Complete Confidence Warranty
  • See immediate monthly savings on your power bill without paying anything extra.
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Borrow a little to get a lot in return! Finance your purchase with a low monthly payment to see instant savings every month.

  • No upfront equipment cost to start owning your solar install.
  • Low monthly payments to own your solar power array and save on your power bill.
  • 25-Year Complete Confidence Warranty
  • Benefit from tax credits and local state incentives before time runs out!
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Don't owe anything, buy it. Save monthly on your electric bill immediately after you install and increase the equity of your home up to 4%.

  • No Monthly Payments. Enjoy the best savings possible for going solar!
  • See immediate savings on your utility bill and possibly get paid by your utility provider.
  • 25-Year Complete Confidence Warranty
  • Benefit from tax credits and local state incentives before time runs out!
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What to Expect When You Go Solar With SunPower By GenRenew

Our main priority is to make you part of the solar transition. Every step of the way our fantastic customer service will call you to update you. Here is an insight into what to expect when going solar with us!

Site Assessment

We will come to your home and qualify your home for solar. Many factors affect solar like shading, roof angle, and more.

System Agreement

Your contract is sent to the finance company and is approved to go to our design team to create a unique solar install for your home.

System Design

Our solar designer will design your unique solar installation. After your solar design is finished, the designer will send it to permitting.

Permits and Installation

All permitting with your solar install will be handled by us. After we receive approval, we will be ready to start the install on your home!


Everything will be scheduled with your local municipality to pass your solar install for your township to give you a certificate of approval.

System Activation

We will ask your utility provider to give us permission to operate. After they say yes, we will turn your system on!


Get all the savings from a clean, inexpensive, renewable source of power. Take advantage of state or federal incentives if you loaned or own your solar.

COVID-19 UPDATE: GenRenew is fully operational. Safety is number 1, and we are taking all precautions necessary to protect our employees and our customers