Commercial Solar

Federal and local incentives have never been better. The time to go solar is now.


Full Service, EPC or Build Only Services

GenRenew is a full service solar provider for businesses. We support small business, non- profits and larger scale operations. We handle everything from financing your project, through local approvals to procurement and installation. With the recent increase in Federal tax credits, the SREC - II in NJ and the overall savings in electric bill reduction, the ROI on going solar has never been better.

GenRenew also provides full EPC for projects here NJ and surrounding area as well as build only services. GenRenew has installation crews located here centrally in NJ that are ready to build your projects. Find out more here

NJ Incentives have NEVER been stronger!!!

 30% ITC is Back!
NJ SREC-II, $100 per REC

If your business has the tax appetite, you can receive up to 30% of the TOTAL project cost for solar in the following year’s taxes. Even if you don’t have the tax appetite… the SREC-II program incentive gives $100 per mWh that your system produces. On average, small solar systems will produce about 100 of these per year… that’s over $10,000 per year in savings. Couple all this with the reduced energy bill you will receive from having solar and it’s a complete no brainer.

From Start to Finish

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From the point of project handoff, our expert team immediately starts working with you (or the client) to get any initial paperwork processed and get the procurement process started as soon as possible.

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Project Prep

We continue to work with you (or the client) while we get any necessary authorization (Schedule, AHJ approvals, Utlity approvals, or State paperwork (SREC)) approvals. We get the projects ready to build, and deploy our crews as soon as the approvals are given.

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Once the project has been installed and we receive the necessary approvals, we walk you (or the client) through and activate the system. We can even provide O&M support after the system has been fully completed.


We have a staff of over 40 employees and several crews in NJ that have a wealth of experience and have been trained by some of the best in the industry to provide top notch service. Currently we offer services in NJ, but we are always looking to open new markets. If you have an opportunity for a strong partnership in an area we currently do not serve on the east coast, please feel free to reach out.


We have deployed over 6mW of Residential and over 10mW of commercial projects all over the Mid-Atlantic.


Our install teams are safety conscience and always make sure the customer comes first. We have a rigorous 10 point checklist that is looked over daily to make sure every project meets our high quality standards.


Our Ops Staff has been submitting permits, utility approvals and SREC applications for years. We know the towns & Villages. We know the utilities... We know the process... ​