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Understanding Lifespan of Panels

Are you considering investing in a solar installation? You are probably wondering if it is a viable investment and how long you stand to benefit from it. To put your mind at ease, studies have shown that solar panels installations can last for years- between 20-30 years or more. This does not mean that after this time your panels will stop working. What it means is that the panels will decrease their energy production and will be unable to meet the average energy needs as before.​

The Degradation Rate Of Solar Panels Per Year
The degradation of solar energy systems vary depending on the climate where they are installed, as well as on the brand. However, according to recent studies, data shows that modern solar systems are outperforming all expectations. According to NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), the average degradation rate of solar panels despite the brand is 0.5%. This means that after the warranty period of a solar panel is over, it can still operate at around 88% of its original capacity. This is great news for anyone looking to invest in solar panels.
Solar Panels Maintenance
In order for solar panels to operate at their optimal, they still require routine maintenance. Modern solar panels require proper cleaning and caring every now and then so that they can stay in top shape for years. When installing your solar panels, don’t just hire anyone. Professional solar panel installation companies understand that panels can easily get damaged by debris, high winds, or other factors. For this reason, they ensure that your panels are securely installed on a platform where they will suffer minimal physical damage, ensuring durability for your systems.
How To Make Your Solar Panels Last Longer
Any machine or gadget left sitting outside eventually falls victim to failures. The only way to ensure your solar panels’ durability is with proper maintenance. There are ways you can add years to the life expectancy of your solar panels. These Include:

  • Monitor your panels regularly: Get a solar plan that includes comprehensive professional monitoring and maintenance for years. This will ensure that your panels are regularly maintained and monitored to ensure you enjoy reliable, affordable and clean energy for years to come.
  • Keep your panels clear of damaging materials: Always ensure that your panels are free from dirt, falling branches, bird droppings, dust, pollen and leaves. This will allow them to generate the highest amount of solar energy. In cases where you find your panels damaged or obstructed and don’t have proper training on how to fix the situation, contact a solar provider to get assistance.
  • Team up with a professional solar provider: Partnering up with a professional solar installer is the smartest way to ensure you solar panels will work long term. A well-respected solar installer will guide you through every step of your solar journey and also help you obtain freedom and control over your electric bills.

If you are were not sure before, now you are convinced that investing in solar panels is a wise financial move. Solar installation costs have recently dropped so you don’t have to worry of the initial installation charges, and furthermore, you will end up saving more money in future.